Announcing Two Open Positions (Funded with Benefits)!

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The Caskey Center for Biblical Text and Translation will accept two more research associates for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year. One Old Testament Research Associate and one New Testament Research Associate will be accepted.

Research Associates must be accepted into the PhD program in Biblical Studies, Old Testament, or New Testament at SEBTS. In addition to the Greek and Hebrew requirements for the PhD,  preference will be given to those students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their previous studies, have surpassing knowledge of biblical languages (and other ancient languages useful in biblical studies), have competence in the praxis of biblical textual criticism, and demonstrate the desire and ability to improve Bible translations.

The benefits for Research Associates include:

  • Tuition waiver
  • Insurance benefit
  • On-campus student housing benefit
  • Annual stipend

The application consists primarily of two essays focused on textual criticism and bible translation (more details are on the application page). Special consideration will be given to students who desire to pursue dissertation research related to textual criticism, translation studies, or that may otherwise directly impact the accuracy of Bible translation. Such students should provide a mini-prospectus with a proposed title, a thesis or research question, and a brief summary of the proposed research (not to exceed one page single-spaced).

There are two key deadlines: Students should apply to the PhD program by Jan 01 for the PhD application to be processed in time for consideration for the Caskey Center. The two essays and mini-prospectus, if applicable, are due Mar 01.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Associate Director at

The full details on the application can be found on our website at


Tyler Craft

Associate Director/Research Associate for New Testament

Tyler is pursuing a PhD in Biblical Studies, researching the citation of Psalm 110:1 in the Synoptic Gospels. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute and an M.Div in Christian Ministry from SEBTS. He and his wife Natalie have five children (their oldest daughter is with the Lord). When he is not busy studying, Tyler enjoys time with his family, reading fiction, the symphony, hiking, and writing music. He is a member at Gateway Community Church in Pikeville, NC, where he is involved in music, teaching, and preaching.

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